So I planned to start 2014 completely organised and in control, Full of energy and raring to go. What actually happened was that I had a more over indulgent Christmas than I had planned, did none of the work I had wanted to during this period as I was enjoying the time with my family so much and started a detox meaning that by the first Monday of the month I was 2 days into caffeine, sugar and carbs withdrawal and couldn’t even think straight! Not quite how I had hoped this would be!
I always knew that this week would be hard, first week back to school runs, dark mornings and detoxing! But actually it’s already taught me a couple of really important lessons (and it’s only Tuesday!) The first one being that sometimes you just have to accept situations for the way that they are and if that means taking a nap on the sofa In between tea time and putting the kids to bed because your so exhausted you can’t think then that’s ok! It won’t always be like this and you can’t change it so just accept it for what it is, stop stressing about that work you wanted to do and grab a power nap! That’s what I did yesterday and I felt a lot better for it! Once I put the kids to bed I did a fitness test and some exercises on my 6 second abs machine which was a lot more than I could have seen myself doing before my snooze! And even got a couple of things ticked off my to do list! Result!
Apparently day 4 of my detox is going to get me back to normal and full of energy so I shall be back on top form and getting on with all those things I wanted too so come next Monday I’ll be completely organised, in control and full of energy…… I’ll let you know how that goes! 🙂
The second thing that I’ve learnt this week is something that really I already knew but this time I’ve figured out a solution! I’m busy this month attending all the BizMums events (that’s 14 now!) so that I can answer any questions any of you may have about the BizMums mastermind groups which start at the end of Jan. This means that i’m out lots of mornings so yesterday and today I planned to get some work done when I got back. But after an early start, driving and a morning of engagement my head just wasn’t in the right place so I ended up snuggled on the sofa pretending to work but mostly just browsing Facebook! So this can’t happen every morning I’m out so rather than come home and be totally unproductive I’m going to extend my time out of the house by meeting with a BizMums member for a coffee (or water if I’m still on my detox!) and a chat. A chat about anything you want, it could be a specific challenge you have in your business, or a chance to do some brainstorming or even an informal catch up and a natter. So starting from next week if your coming to an event and want to stay for a catch up and a chat after email or send me a message on Facebook
See you soon
Michelle x

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