Hello lovely ladies. I’m Michala Leyland. Life Coach, mum of two, singer (in my own head on a Wednesday night at my lesson, she’s a very patient lady), teacher, trainer, worrier, warrior.  Having had years of being ‘busy’, I am making my days full. Up for early morning yoga to get me on track and a full days coaching, creating and developing before I do the school run and spend time with my gorgeous girls.


I am passionate about supporting women to make the positive changes they want in their lives. It’s incredibly rewarding watching someone go from feeling chaotic to calm. Knackered to nurtured and flippin’ well foggy to focused. Coaching women to enjoy their lives to the full and rid themselves of the feeling of overwhelm, which gets to us all from time to time is the best job ever.


There have been several times in my working life where I literally couldn’t see the wood for the trees and I know many of the ladies reading this will feel the same.  I was working in a senior management position in the charity sector. I knew something had to change if we were to live the life my husband and I wanted for our children. I gave up a great salary to pursue my dream of running my own Life Coaching business in a way that would meet the needs I felt my two children needed from me and my husband. Being my own boss allows me this, although as many of you know it isn’t the easiest route. So I set up Wood for The Trees Coaching and haven’t looked back.

Training, teaching and coaching run right through everything I do.

The media, society and, worst of all, women put ridiculously high expectations on women to do it ‘all’ and be it ‘all’ with a polish and glamour that can only be photo shopped or stage managed, if it’s to be sustained all the time. I want women to take back their own identity and stop comparing themselves, trying to be perfect, then feeling crap about themselves when they fall short. I’m a life coach that wants to help women define their own version of success. I give women space, listen, hear and then help them develop a wonderful plan of action to bring what they want into their lives. It’s soooo exciting.


Technology is my biggest challenge as I’m new to facebook, twitter etc  having resisted it for years. Also, and it always will be for a working mum, time. For example, as I write this I have one eye on the clock as school run is approaching.  But I manage it a lot better in the sense I know what’s important to me and what time I want to give things. I can say no more easily and with less gulit. (Still work on that one!)


I want women across the world to be able to gain from the programmes and coaching materials I create. I want them to be able to feel confident in themselves, know what they need and want in their lives and see how fantastic they are. I want to give them tools, strategies and resources to bring contentment and calm.


I’d like to scale my business on line to allow me the freedom to continue living a lifestyle that puts my children’s needs at the heart of what I do while fulfilling my own hearts desires.


I spotted Bizmums in a link for one of the Merseyside on line networking events. It appeared in my facebook feed. It’s fantastic to be able to sit in my living room in my pjs and connect with loads of great, likeminded women. I love the fact it opens up opportunity for mums with young children too.


I am launching BizMums Southport on May 1st 2015 at Gigglesgym in Southport. It is going to be a great event with guest speaker Helen Guest from Helen J Guest Accounting bringing her money wisdom our way. I am going to be guided into my role as host by the lovely Bizmums Host, Jude Lennon.  Can’t wait to start meeting new members soon.













Contacts: michala@woodforthetreescoaching.co.uk




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