As a business owner and mother the demands on your time can be somewhat overwhelming: not only are you balancing the demands of parenthood and delivering your business, I am now telling you to make time speak to your audience as well????!!!  The truth is though; in order for your business to thrive you need to promote yourself.

The good news is that in this age of social media and the global village, it is easier than ever before to reach a huge global audience.  There are online tools that make it incredibly easy to reach everyone at the click of a mouse.

But — and here’s the BIG but — everyone else is doing the same!

The world of social media is certainly a noisy place to be!  Competition to get your voice heard above the deluge of Tweets, status updates, blogs and newsletters has never been higher so you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd and make sure that your message is the one that is read and not the one that is lost somewhere in the flood.

To get noticed, you have to think smart about:

  • How to make your content compelling and relevant to your audience? What can you tell them that will really help them, right now – today?!
  • How often you want to communicate with your audience?  This needs to be often enough to make sure people feel engaged and interested and remember who you are but not so often that they feel swamped by you (that way lies unsubscription, unfollowing and automatic deletion).
  • What is the best way to communicate with YOUR audience? Think of your particular service or product and your particular audience – is Twitter alone enough? Do you need a Facebook page? Do you want to blog regularly or produce a regular newsletter?

It’s not all about quantity!  While it is important to find a balance between content and frequency it is also important to acknowledge what you can feasibly fit into your schedule and, after all wouldn’t it be terrible to commit to a daily blog but run out of interesting things to say after a few weeks?  Lots of people do that and continue to post anyway!  Is that a strategy you want to take?

If time is tight I suggest you go for quality over quantity and aim to post one short blog a week.  If it’s packed full of useful and interesting things that are relevant to your audience and if it’s backed up with a bunch of Tweets that all point back to your post and that a scheduled to be automatically Tweeted at regular intervals throughout the week then that should be enough to keep your audience hooked!  If you have more to say and a reasonable sized mailing list then consider a fortnightly or monthly newsletter as well.  You can make use of your blog content for this as you may have different people on your mailing list to those who read your blog.

There are tools that can help to automate the posting for you but you still need to produce the content and set up the systems. And, of course, all this takes time.

A good communication strategy would include:

  • Regular blog posts
  • Relevant, compelling tweets that point back to the post, automated to be posted a set number of times a day on Twitter, Facebook, Linked In (wherever you have a profile aimed at your business audience)
  • A regular newsletter, sent directly to the inbox of the people on your mailing list. Bear in mind that a portion of your blog content could also be used in your newsletter.

If I can help you with any aspect of your social media communications strategy, do drop me a line.  I can:

  • Help you define your strategy
  • Hold you accountable for producing content on time (it’s easier somehow to knuckle down to writing if someone else is waiting for it)
  • Proofread your content (I’m especially good at making sure things are readable)
  • Format your blog including finding an appropriate image and generally making it look nice
  • Post your blog
  • Produce Tweets and schedule them to be tweeted at random at regular intervals
  • Format and send out your newsletters (via email delivery services such as GetResponse)
  • Manage your mailing list

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Nancy Goodyear

Nancy V Goodyear is Virtual Assistant & Life Coach who loves to help social entrepreneurs and small business owners get organised. With a BA (Hons) in Learning Disability Nursing, she has extensive professional experience working in health & social care within the non-profit sector. She is fluent in French having lived in France for some time. She is a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute and the Co-Active Leadership programme. She is especially enthusiastic about creating and nurturing innovative business relationships and partnerships, both within and between companies and sectors. Her over-riding aim in all her work is to help you create space so you can focus on reconnecting to who you are and how this awareness relates to your business, what you and your business need, and your dreams, passions and desires.

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