3 Day Life Makeover

This was the title of a 3 day webinar training program I was enrolled on recently.  I was, to say the least rather sceptical about the whole thing, the program had been recommended to me via a friend who is also in my Arbonne business team, and along with being a very busy mum of 1 and also working part time, I just couldn’t see that I could find the time for 3, 90 minute back to back webinars (and to be honest I didn’t really know what a ‘webinar’ was, I had to Google it)!

This said, I have to confess that it was the most amazing 270 minutes, and time extremely well spent! I learned so much about myself, I mean, truly my inner self, and this is something which Id never really thought was truly possible (not someone with my level of scepticism anyway), but I truly did.  Not only that, but my relationships with others, my financial and business standing and most importantly, health and wellness have all been changed beyond recognition.  It is for all of those reasons that I simply have to share with you some of the amazing hints, tips and strategies that I took away from the program.

Now, Im not saying by any means that I can replicate the training but I’ll have a go so that you can put into practice yourself, some of the great ideas I experienced.

Firstly, on the day you choose to start you need to select a category in your life from ‘The Big Three’ so, either Money & Business, Health & Wellness or Relationships.  Now its important here that you only take one of the three categories, you can cover the others in the 2 days that follow.


Now heres the tricky bit, take a moment to think about what you really want from that category, you can choose 3.  So if you chose Health and Wellness some ideas might be that you want to:-

  1. Alleviate a  pain that’s been niggling you
  2. Improve energy levels
  3. Improve body shape and flexibility.

Its important to understand that here, you are thinking about what you really want and not putting barriers up about how you are going to get there.  It’s the WHAT not the HOW.  Clarity leads to power.  This is what I struggled with at first as I, like you probably, always think about whether what I want is possible.  So allow yourself to think BIG! What you focus on expands (whether good or bad)!

Now star one of those to work on today, don’t think about it too much, just what feels right at the time.


WHY do you want this? Normally it is the why that can make or break you.  If your why isn’t large enough then it simply wont happen.  So lets break this down.

  1. Why do you want it?
  2. What pain (physical or mental) do you feel by not      having it in your life already?
  3. What will it feel like when you have it?

Why not now?

Next write a sentence or 2 outlining why you don’t already have it.  This is what really hit home with me.  I had always thought that what I didn’t have was due to external factors or financial constraints but this program encourages you to look at YOU and hit right to the root of the situation.  So, why have YOU not yet made it possible for yourself to have the thing you want? Remember, we are just working on your starred WANT right now, nothing more just yet.

Plan or Strategy

Next you need to make a plan or strategy.  Don’t loose the plot here, its not detailed actions or master plans.  It might be simply that you are going to build your customer base, take up exercise on a weekly basis, improve your social life, move forward with your business rather than sitting stagnant.  Notice how they are not really specific.  The idea is to set yourself up to WIN not fail! You can always add more later as a bonus and make yourself feel GREAT! I noticed in myself that I always started something that I could never finish, therefore, I had negative thought patterns and habits before I even started! Its all about changing your mindset and creating new habits.


Now write a first action for your plan or strategy.  Remember set yourself up to WIN! This action must be something that you can easily achieve by this time TOMORROW.  Simple as that.  So don’t set yourself an impossible task.  If you think you can make 10 phone calls set yourself the goal of 5 and any more is a bonus.  How great will you feel knowing you fully carried out the task and more! It might be that you simply spend 30 mins with a coffee and research something like a local class you’ve been meaning to take, call an old friend, do 10 mins reading etc. It might sound silly to think ‘Well I know I can do 4 hours reading tomorrow so why would I write a goal of 10 mins?’ but remember its all a step in the right direction to your ultimate want and its about setting achievable goals and creating good habits.


This is a declaration to yourself that, no matter what you will follow through with your action by this time tomorrow no matter what! Write it down and sign it! Really!


How great did that feel? Do you feel better for having a plan set to move you forward? I know I did.  Over the next 3 days simply repeat the process with the remaining 2 areas of ‘The Big Three’ (Health & Wellness, Finance & Business, and Relationships) and before you know it you will be creating new habits and thought processes that really will change your life in 3 days! Don’t forget, set yourself up to WIN, its no use setting goals that you simply cant achieve, it just creates negative thinking and bad habits.  You deserve to be the best you can be, now go do it!

For more information see http://www.harveker.com

Stacey Knight Jones

Stacey Knight Jones is a Bizmums Area Consultant for North Staffordshire and South Cheshire. Stacey is also an Independent Consultant with Arbonne International. You can contact Stacey by emailing  sknightjones.arbonne@gmail.com

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