Hard-working mums are trying to squeeze as much as possible into their day, in order to work or run their own businesses and end up burning the candle at both ends.

Before she even gets to work, the average working mum has already spent two hours sorting out herself, her children, her home and her other half before starting work.

Get help!

You can’t and don’t have to do everything yourself.  Whether it’s help around the house or help with some of the admin in your business, focus on what only you can do and get help from someone else to give you more time.  Sometimes it’s a matter of just asking.

  • Get the rest of the family to help out – Mum doesn’t have to do everything.  Keeping rooms tidy, putting things away, getting dressed – even helping out with household chores.

Plan your time

Not just the time you spend on your business but the time you have for yourself, time with the family and time for your friends.  Make sure that the time you spend working on your business is spent productively, so you can maximise your results.  Know what you need to do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to grow your business.

  • Have a planner pinned up so you know who’s meant to be where, when … and of course check it every day.
  • Plan meals – a weekend roast can be made into stew > risotto > pasta meal > soup. You’ll also know what you’re eating when.

Get organised

Create systems and processes to make life easier and organise your time effectively so you waste less of it.  Streamline your morning routine to make life easier.  Build structure and routines in to your day to make life easier for yourself and your family.

  • Order your shopping online – saves hours traipsing round the supermarket aisles.

Look after yourself

This is one of the hardest things to do.  You’re so busy looking after everyone else that you never find time for yourself.  Make sure you get time for yourself each day, so you’re always working at your best.

About Clare

Clare Evans
Clare Evans is a Time Management and Productivity Coach.  She is the Author of “Time Management For Dummies” (published by Wiley 2008) and works with individuals and businesses both one to one and in groups.  She regularly workshops around the country and is often featured in the national and business press.  You can download a free Time Audit and access free resources and articles on her website www.clareevans.co.uk.

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