Nominations are now open for the 2014 BizMums awards. If you’re thinking about nominating a friend or colleague (Or yourself, which is just fine read this blog post to find out why!) then here are some top tips for making sure that they capture the judges attention and make the shortlist!

1. It’s about quality not quantity – the BizMums awards aren’t a popularity contest. One really good nomination stands just as much chance of winning as 10 OK nominations for the same person, it’s what’s been included in the nomination that matters so make sure you study the judges criteria, understand what it is that they are looking for and write your nomination around that giving good examples of what they have achieved.

2. Make it clear what is unique about you or the person that you are nominating. What makes them different from all the other nominees and people in their industry? This alone could be the stand out thing the judges may pick up on.

4. Share their ambitions for the future. An award winning person or business is on a mission and has a clear vision of where it is headed so make sure this is shared with the judges

5. Do your research, who will be judging your category? what will they be looking for? Play close attention to the judges criteria.

6. First impressions count, so make sure you do your best with spelling and grammar. A couple of errors may go under the radar but if it is badly written it won’t give a good first impression of you, or the business you are nominating

Nominations are open until 30th August 2014. NOMINATE HERE 

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