Knowing the key numbers for your business is important for many reasons, find out why HERE but what are they key numbers and how do you track them?

Like anything you need to make this a system that works for you, if it’s to complicated, you don’t understand it or if you don’t make it relevent to your business you won’t do it. You need to be measuring the key numbers on a daily or weekly basis that will make the most difference to your business. These key numbers may also be different depending at what stage you are in your business. If you’re just starting out it may be a higher priority to focus on the number of people you speak to about your business rather than the actual orders that you recieve as you might not be at that stage just yet. If you’re a product based business you may want to track the sales of individual products or product categories so you can easily keep a track of what is working well. A service based business may be able to just focus on overall sales. This is a very tailored process and one that you can tweek to make work best for you.

Watch the video to give you some more ideas and guidelines to help you track your numbers. Here is the download for the Key numbers tracker (printable) Key numbers tracker (editible spreadsheet)


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