What is Bizmums

You’re not alone…….

BizMums is a supportive community of self-employed mums just like you who inspire and motivate each other.

You can access help and support in our online community and network with other women in business all across the UK. You can learn new skills and access resources in the BizMums Academy and meet other women in business local to you at one of our monthly networking events.

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Michelle’s Story

“Hi, I’m Michelle Childs, founder of BizMums.

Back in 2012, I had a full-time job, my own business, a 3-year-old and a baby on the way. I was so worried about how I was going to manage it all. I wanted to leave my office job, grow my own business and be with my young family – but how?

I enjoyed the support and motivation I got from networking groups and I looked for one that I could take my children along to, as childcare for 2 was going to be difficult. But there weren’t any groups like that!

So I decided to create it myself…

…and started BizMums, a networking group for mums in business that you can bring your children to. I set up one meeting in my home town, used social media to spread the word and waited…

My goal was simple: to give mums the support and knowledge they needed to create the work-life balance they wanted.

The result: SUCCESS!

In that first meeting, we had x number of mums and such positive comments. I knew I was on to something.

Just 3 years on, we now have 80 groups all over the UK, many Members and a team of Hosts and Co-ordinators to support them and help to run it all.

We have online support for our Members, with facebook groups for each area for networking outside of Meetups. Plus Members can access an archive of business tips and information online to keep them informed and motivated.

I now have 3 children and am managing a business I love, helping other mums to do the same!

You can make this happen for you too…

Setting up your own business is hard, especially alongside being a mum. There were sleepless nights with the children and rows about money and so much to do and learn – sometimes I felt like giving up.

But I kept on following my dream!  And now BizMums meetups and membership helps to inspire and support mums with their own businesses and have the work-life balance they want.

Come and join us at a meetup and find out more!”




Michelle Childs

Michelle Childs


I created and manage BizMums! We support local mums in business online and through child-friendly networking across the UK.

Stacey Knight-Jones

Stacey Knight-Jones

Regional Co-Ordinator for the South

My role is to develop the members base and launch BizMums into new areas all across the South of the UK. This requires lots of event promotion and social media management!

Jackie Van Baren

Jackie Van Baren

Are Co-Ordinator

Hello everyone, my name is Jackie, Area Co-ordinator for BizMums South Wales.

BizMums is a social enterprise

Social enterprises are a growing, worldwide movement of businesses that exist to change the world for the better. A social enterprise is a business that trades to tackle social problems, improve communities, people’s life chances, or the environment. This might sound like charity work, but social enterprises are businesses. They make and do things that earn money and make profits like any business.

It is how they work and what they do with their profits that is different:

  • working to make a bigger difference
  • reinvesting the profits they make to do more good.

They do this in lots of different ways:

  • creating jobs for people who would otherwise be left out;
  • reinvesting profits in community projects;
  • protecting the environment,
  • providing vital services for people who might not get them otherwise.

It’s this combination of doing business and doing good that makes social enterprise one of the most exciting and fast-growing movements in this country and across the world.

There are some very large social enterprises and ones that have been in existence for years – for example The Co-operative Group. Many people think that social enterprise is how business will be done in the future: working for people and the planet, not just profit.

A social enterprise will also have a clear sense of its ‘social mission’, which means it will know what difference it is trying to make, who it aims to help, and how it’s going to go about it.

A social enterprise does:

  • Make its money from selling goods and services
  • Cover its own costs in the long-term (though like any business, it may need help to get started)
  • Put at least half of any profits back into making a difference
  • Pay reasonable salaries to its staff

A social enterprise does NOT:

  • Exist to make profits for shareholders
  • Exist to make its owners very wealthy
  • Rely on volunteering, grants or donations to stay afloat in the long-term (though again, it may need this sort of help to get started)

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