What our Members say…

“If it wasn’t for BizMums & Michelle then I wouldn’t be where I am today with my business. It has made me believe in myself, & meeting like minded mums in business has given me the strength to pursue my life long dreams. BizMums & all it’s members are a true inspiration to me. It should be shouted from the rooftops & all mums in business at any stage of their journey should join :)”


Angela Geogiou

Kiki Jewellery

“Bizmums is a fantastic way to meet like minded mums in business. With regular meetings in a variety of child friendly venues it gives you the chance to make new contacts whilst the kids play and make new friends!”


Leigh Clarke

Special Additions

“Bizmums is a fantastic supportive network for mums in business. I really enjoy attending the networking meetings which are always in child friendly locations and meeting other mums in business. The support and guidance is priceless”


Stacey Knight Jones


“They hold inspirational meetings in child friendly locations for all hard working mums. It is a great oportunity to meet like minded folk and is very affordable. The reason I became a member of Bizmums was quite simply to do with support and confidence building. As a long term sufferer of anxiety & depression it has been difficult for me over the years to interact with people on an appropriate level. The Bizmums groups were so welcoming and inspirational that I really felt it was somewhere I could belong, where I could share my ideas and thoughts without feeling judged. The online support and guest speakers have given me food for thought and helped me to develop as a business woman too. I can strongly recommend it!”


Sam Heywood Coz

“Being a member of BizMums has enabled me to regularly network with other Mum’s in business, sharing ideas, accessing training and tips from guest speakers. The groups are always friendly and Michelle makes everyone feel really welcome. The daytime sessions are child friendly, making them really accessible.”


Emma Sadler

Forever Living

“It is great being able to network with other local like minded women without worrying about having to sort out childcare to enable me to attend as all children are welcome at the affordable child friendly meetings. There is so much support for everyone both at the meetings, on facebook and on the website.”


Lorraine Boyle

Phoenix Cards

“I can’t live without Bizmums! I came to the launch of the Stone meet up, last year, after being told about it by a friend, I really didn’t knowing what to expect. I think since then I’ve only missed one meeting and I am now the host of that group! Without doubt Bizmums is the most supportive and inspiring group of women I have ever had the privilege to be part of. The variety of business types and levels of experience is so varied that everyone has something to bring to the table and our businesses regularly work together and collaborate on projects and use and recommend each others products and services. :)”


Fran Massey

Tenacious Bloom

“Very friendly meeting to attend. It is a well needed place for business women to get support and understanding in the lonely world of self employment. Thank you bizmums for making me feel welcome. I discovered Bizmums from talking at a party to a member who recommended getting out and meeting new people. Something I have always shied away from but realised it was extremely important to talk face to face with people in order to earn their trust enough to want treatments. I love this form of networking because it is informal, just women and it feels very safe. I love the talks which are so inspiring and helpful, which makes your membership fee worthwhile.”
Nikki Davies – Simple Serenity

“A great place to get support, friendship without being the slightest bit intimidating or scary.”
Lisa Pickering, Picasso Legal

“It’s the safe space to make friends with ladies on the biggest and scariest journey of their lives, you encourage and support each other and the confidence it brings is awesome!”
Lajina Leal – Masala Magic

“Fantastic, supportive group of likeminded women. Great networking, coaching, and ways to build your contact network. Highly recommend. Every event is great fun too and Ava loves it.”
Heather Scott-Robinson  – Acappella PR

By coming to BizMums I get to build more knowledge from guest speakers which I can implement into our charity and PANDAS is able to gain more support and help with fundraising and support. I’ve also met local influential such as Kirsty and Rhea from J&PR a local PR agency and Rebekkah Harriman a Social Media Trainer. The charity has also gained two trustees who I met through BizMums which are invaluable to the running of the charity.”
Rachael Jones, Founder of PANDAS charity supporting families with Pre and Post Natal Depression

“I’m not a mum and hadn’t heard of Bizmums when an associate who was a guest speaker in Ellesmere Port suggested I accompany him to a meeting last year. I haven’t looked back since. My business is only just over a year old and as I’d been a teacher for 18 years, networking was still new and alien to me. Bizmums was like a breath of fresh air. No suits, no corporate, no scary referrals to make. Instead a supportive group of people who are passionate about their businesses, and (crucially) who share ideas, advice, tips and help in a nurturing and encouraging way. I love the different themes each month and the fact that each speaker brings something new to each group. I also love the fact that you can ask questions through the facebook page and someone will ALWAYS have a solution or idea. Bizmums has brought me contacts and business but perhaps most importantly it has brought friendships and a feeling of being part of a work community with none of the politics of the staff room!”
Jude Lennon – Little Lambs Tales

“Bizmums has helped me and my business in so many ways. I have met lots of likeminded mums, learned a lot and had great fun at same time.”
Julie Perry, Forever Living

“I was terrified about going to my first Bizmums meeting as I really didn’t know what to expect but everyone has been really friendly and I feel I have fantastic support from a great group of people. Thank you, Michelle.”
Davina Hamilton, Lingotots

“I found Bizmums through a Google Search for networking groups for Mums in the North West. I have found it invaluable for starting my business AND have made new business friends too who all understand the struggles of juggling family and business life. The support of the Facebook groups are brilliant and I love the online networking evenings. The Bizmums events are so relaxed and friendly – there is never a need for anyone to be nervous to attend them. Plus you always come away with some top tips to follow up and lots of new contacts. The mix of businesses is quite unique and I have met some very interesting people!”
Alex Platt – Swift virtual assistant

“I discovered Bizmums towards the end of 2014 after the Stone meet-up event was posted in a Facebook group for local creatives.  I immediately clicked with some other members and started collaborating on projects straight away!  I love the chance to work with other women who also have their own small businesses, looking for opportunities to collaborate with work and projects. I have met some wonderful people through Bizmums.”
Jenny Harper – Photographer

“I joined BizMums in September 2014 and love the clarity it gives my business. To be able to meet likeminded micro business owners and share ideas and the speakers usually challenge my thinking and create a whole host of potential useful actions for my business!”
Romella Jones – Cariad Therapies

“I discovered BizMums through Facebook last year, and love the friendly atmosphere and being around like minded people who are looking to build their businesses around their families. I think it is a great organisation which empowers mums and gives them the tools they need to succeed. I am definitely looking forward to making great connections with the other BizMums over the coming months.”
Helen Adams – Tropic Skincare Ambassador

“BizMums is such an exciting and inspirational group of women who support each other and learn from each other while looking after their precious babies.”
Jackie Van-Baren – JVB Connect

“I discovered Bizmums last May when I joined in on one of the online networking hours, I joined as I could see the support I could get for my business and the training through webinars & speakers.”
Sarah Lewis – Lily’s Secret Vintage Tea Rooms

“I saw BizMums advertised on Facebook and thought I would go along to the Beverley launch and really enjoyed it – warm, friendly, welcoming and informal networking. I enjoy the members spot as well as the featured monthly speakers plus the friendship and building up new relationships.”
Nicola King – Pampered Chef

“I discovered Bizmums through a meeting with my local Business Manager at Barclays, I checked out the website and could see that the first meeting was a picnic in the park with the children in tow – this was my kind of networking event! I went along and was made to feel very welcome, there is a huge amount of support and encouragement at the meetings.”
Sharon Davies – W2W Accounting

“I discovered Bizmums shortly after I had moved from being a sole-trader to a limited company. Bizmums was essential for me as I found that all my time without the children was taken up with actively running the business, and the rest of the time – when I would like to be focusing on training and improving my business skills – I had two children under three with me! Bizmums allowed me to learn about all aspects of running a business – and how to do it with children in the background. It has made my life much easier and had a great effect on the businesses.”
Rhea Alton – J&PR

“When I first found out about BizMums I had been self employed and running my own businesses for over 5 years and had looked for a supportive female-only network for a long time, but never found it.  After the first event I was amazed that what I had been looking for so long really was out there.  Even today I always leave a BizMums meeting feeling like I have just had the biggest cuddle with a kick up the bum to go and do or try something new within my business.  I decided to join as a member, and I can say it was the best business decision I have ever made.  BizMums gave me my confidence back and has helped me catapult my businesses to the place I dreamed of, now my goals are larger and I know the support BizMums offers will help me get there alongside a lot of hard work and effort. I love the fact that BizMums is open to all women as long as you don’t mind networking in child friendly locations – to me this means I can wear my jeans or leggings and don’t have to be suited and booted!”
Beckie Thirsk – So-Yes

“I know I’ve had at least 7 bookings from other Bizmums in the past 6 months, however the tips I’ve picked up for promoting my business and meeting others in the know has resulted in many more bookings. As a result of support and contacts I now have a website and feel my business moving forward in a completely different way. It actually feels like a business rather than something I’m just playing with and that is definitely as a result of the support I’ve received from Bizmums.”
Niki Taylor, Taylors Luxury Cakes

“I have been attending BizMums meetings now for about 6 months and most recently I have become the South Staffordshire BizMums host. BizMums has helped my business to grow in a number of ways! Not only have I made lots of contacts and gained new clients, I have gained confidence, had access to lots of resources and support, they have helped to promote my services and workshops and I now have a reliable network of people I can trust!”
Melissa Plimmer, MAP Designs

“Bizmums has been fantastic! I was a bit worried about going to the first meeting but it was very relaxed, everyone was so friendly. I joined around April and have learnt so much and it has helped me get started I’m now more confident with my new business. Met some lovely people and always look forward to the next event. I would recommend Bizmums to any mum in business!” Ruth Hughes, Utility Warehouse

 “I joined Bizmums around January time. So far I’ve learnt how to use twitter/pinterest and facebook for business. I’ve learnt about accounting. But most of all I’ve made friends with other like minded Mums in business. Its great having a support network of understanding people who are going threw the same business problems I’ve have. I would and I do recommend Bizmums to every mum in business. Having somewhere I can network and take my children with me too has made being a Mumpreneur working from home a lot less isolating and lonely.”
Kelly Byrne, Kelly’s Cake Creations

 “Bizmums has been brilliant! Ever since my first visit back in January the month I actually started my business! Before I went I really was, totally clueless and making it up as I went along, but with the lovely support and friendship I received from the Bizmums events I am still making it up as I go along … but with more confidence and focus than I had before.”
Alice Duncan, Forget me not bears

 “Bizmums has introduced me to a number of fellow Mums in business, whom I would never have known existed if it hadn’t been for Bizmums. It has become apparent that there are tremendous amount of Mums out there who wish to better themselves, and Bizmums has given them that opportunity, that hadn’t been there before. Michelle has transformed my thinking and boosted my confidence ever since my first visit to Bizmums back in January. Since joining BizMums my business turnover has doubled.” Joanna Pritchard, Professional PA Services

 “Lots to love about Bizmums if you’re a mum at any stage of running your own business. Local child-friendly daytime meetings (typically at playbarns/soft play centres) as well as grown-up evening meetings so something will suit your availability, informative presentations to help with your business, and lots of friendly mums in the same boat with whom you can share experiences, from many different business sectors.”
Debra Lees, Avon

“I would totally recommend Bizmums to any mum out there that owns their own business. It is so good to meet other local business owners who also have children. The meetings and the talks are always informative and interesting.”
Eleanor Evans, A time for balance

“I LOVE Bizmums! friendly, helpful and a really lovely bunch of Mums in business. The meetings are great and can fit in around the children in the daytime or in the evening to suit, regular meetings at lots of venues every month. Everyone is really welcoming and the support is brilliant – i would recommend to anyone in business or setting up a business.”
Ali Gill, Crazy Toes

“I am new to running a business and BizMums has been an invaluable source of information. I have learnt a lot from presentations at the child-friendly BizMums events, from the experience and knowledge of other BizMums members and from the online tutorials.”
Heather Miles

“This networking group is a great support for mums trying to balance the demands of business development with motherhood. This child friendly networking opportunity is full of friendly,knowledgable members from all walks of life and with business on their minds!”
Kirsty Percival

“Michelle Childs is tireless and inspirational, and extremely generous with her time. The Facebook page she set up and the website give businesswomen like me a space to test out new ideas and ask for advice, and to share successes and disappointments.There are also frequent meetings and events where we can showcase work. For someone like me, who works from home and often feels isolated, Bizmums is invaluable in a practical sense, but also in a more nebulous way – sort of like a group cheer that keeps you going when you’re flagging. Great stuff.”
Kate Long, Author

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