All throughout February at BizMums we are focusing on growing our Confidence. This could be in various areas of our lives as we all know it plays a massive part in determining  how successful we are in anything that we do. Being self employed is a very brave step and one that you should be very proud of taking but it doesn’t come without it’s challenges. Working for yourself means that YOU are YOUR business and having confidence in yourself and what you are doing is extremely important after all if your not confident in what your doing it’s going to be very difficult to get others buy into your products or your brand.
So at BizMums this month we want to help you improve your confidence. At each our events we will have a speaker who will be sharing some tips with you, you can find out more about when these are HERE. We will also be sharing guest blog posts from other BizMums and if you are a BizMums member you will have access to a series of videos and a workbook which will take you step by step through a process which can help you to work on improving confidence in which ever area of your life you are struggling most in.You can try the BizMums BizClub for just £1 for your first month find out more HERE

But before we start on all that it’s important to understand what confidence really is as it is a term that is used quite liberally. The word confidence comes from the Latin to mean ‘to put one’s trust in someone’ – that someone being ourselves. If you look up the Dictionary definition of confidence it  is…. con·fi·dence [ kónfidənss ]   belief in own abilities: self assurance or a belief in your ability to succeed

We all understand that to be successful in anything that confidence is essential but often we struggle to understand what that truly means or how to quantify it in to something we can measure after all it is a lot to do with our emotions and that is something that can be hard to measure or quantify.

Confidence can  be determined by three basic elements: our level of achievement, our sense of belonging and our level of self-esteem. Each of these elements affects the other 2 and most importantly, our achievement and sense of belonging absolutely control our level of our esteem. Without both elements being fulfilled we will always believe there is something missing from our lives and suffer a sense of inadequacy. So when we feel we are lacking confidence in a particular area of our life’s that we want to improve a good starting point is to determine which element we are lacking in and start to think about how we can make improvements.

If you are lacking in confidence in a certain area it is good to take a step back and look at wht has happened in your past to get get you to the place you are now. We all start off as a clean slate but as we grow we develop beliefs based on what we see, hear, experience and what others say to us. If you have a fear of public speaking it may go back to a time in your childhood when you spoke up but were told to sit down and be quiet so you know have a belief that know one wants to listen to you or that you will make a fool of your self.

The good thing is that once you can establish what is holding you back you can then work on that area and the best way to grow your confidence is to push yourself to do the things that scare you. The more your try and you succeed the more your confidence will grow. There’s never a truer saying then ‘Life begins at the end of your comfort zone’ as long as you stay in your ‘safe place’ you will never grow in confidence as you will always be scared and yes it might not always go right but you will learn and the time that it does go right will be all the sweeter so step up and get out there! You can do it! 🙂

Don’t forget you can come along to any of our events this month as a member or as a first time guest for FREE you can find out when all our events are HERE and if your not a BizMums member but would like to join our wonderful community of supportive mums in business like you and to have access to a wealth of development opportunity’s then you can join us for just £1 for your first month. If you have any questions on any of this please email or call Michelle on 07794 330172



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