“So now you have your Twitter account set up………. (If not what are you waiting for! 🙂 ) But what name have you chosen for your account? Is it clear who you are and truly reflect’s the person you want to be on Twitter? Is your name clearly linked to your business? And would you mind your Twitter name being shouted out across the road when someone was greeting you?

This advice, taken from Tweepi.com, offers advice on creating an effective & memorable Twitter handle – and don’t worry if you need to change yours – it can be easily done in the edit profile section on Twitter 🙂 Share your names below x”

According to Tweepi, one or more of the following characteristics define a good Twitter user name:

  1. It Should Be Real: If your Twitter user name is your real name, people would feel more comfortable following you on Twitter because you are less likely to be a spammer!
  2. It Should Describe You: So, you don’t want to use your real name? It’s not a problem as long as you use one which describes who you are, what you do and what tweets your followers should expect from you!
  3. It Should Be Short: The shorter, the better, since this makes it easier for your followers to retweet your tweets and mention you.
  4. It Should Be Unique: “@Puppylover”, “@Doglover” and “@Lovespuppies” are not that unique! You want to use a user name that will be remembered!
  5. It Should Be Sincere: If you are not a guru, don’t claim to be one in your user name! This applies to everything else ranging from claiming to be a doctor to claiming to be an active tweep!

** Avoid: offensive names, celebrity names and too many numbers and/or symbols in your user name.

What about Twitter user names for your company?

This might seem tricky, but many enterprise Twitter users, namely Mashable and CNN, were able to do it right! This is how:

It’s all about multiple accounts: In order to take full advantages of Twitter user names, it is always advisable that the enterprise has one unique account with its brand name as the user name, in addition to other multiple accounts for its employees, contributors, customer care reps, writers and so on.

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