About 2 years ago, my sister told me about this site called “Pinterest”. It didn’t make a lot of sense when I first had a look, but when I really got into it, I realised it was just a fantastic search facility for ideas! It can be a whole lot more for businesses, especially if you have products to sell. It’s a great way to show images of your products to a captive online community.

My business is a “service” – not all that conducive to images, but I still post images to boards I’ve created that interest me. Eg. I love outdoor garden spaces. So, when I find an image on gardens that someone has posted, I will repin it to my Outdoors and Garden board. I’ve had two family weddings (one last summer, one this summer) so I was searching for “hairstyles” and those I liked, I repined to my Hair board. Whilst perusing people’s online boards, one of the most popular pins are food. I don’t really like cooking, but I do like to prepare appetisers. I’ve found many a creative (and easy-to-make) appetiser and yes, they are repinned to my Food board.

So, what are boards and pins and re-pins? Basically, you create a pin board – give it a name – be as specific as you like. Then, add (pin) all the images you find that you like in this category to this board. You may have the photos in your own photo library, or found the image on a website, or someone posted it on Facebook – simply “pin” it to your board! You can follow others on Pinterest and if you see an image they’ve posted that you like, then you can “like” it or “re-pin” it to one of your boards.

When you interact with people on Pinterest, eg by liking or re-pinning one of their images, then many will peruse your boards to see if they see anything they like. If they do, they can “follow” you, as well as re-pin any of your images to their own boards.

Pins on your boards aren’t just about the images though. For example, if it’s a craft item – there will often be instructions on how to make that craft. The same goes with a food dish – the recipe should be included. It’s a place for people to share ideas with others, so some images lend themselves to instructions. Others are merely visual.

Why don’t you start out by searching Pinterest. You can put absolutely anything in the search bar and you’ll be surprised how many images will appear. You may have to be very specific in order to narrow down the search results. Eg. “bridal hair” will be more specific than just “hairstyles”. Perhaps you’re looking to have a party with a specific theme and you’re looking for ideas. You could put in “Bollywood theme” and loads of ideas will appear. Create your own board first for the category you’re searching so that you can re-pin your favourites. That way you can go back and look at them whenever you want and don’t have to go searching again.

Here are the categories of my boards (and remember you can have whatever you want and as many as you want)…

Books Worth Reading – (here I put the covers of some of my favourite books or photos of authors I like)

  • My Style
  • Products I Love
  • For the Home – products specific for the home
  • Best 4 Business – company logos I support and images
  • Hair I Like
  • Crafts
  • Food
  • Good for the Soul – Inspirational messages and images
  • Funny Phrases – things that give me a laugh!
  • People I Admire
  • Photos I Like – Photos that don’t fit into a specific category
  • Outdoors and Garden
  • Kids – mostly my own kids!
  • Animals – cute images that make me smile
  • Favourite Places & Spaces

It’s easy to set up your own Pinterest account. But, if you want to first get your feet wet by searching only, then there is no need to set up an account. Search for anything that interests you and once you get the hang of it, you can apply to have your own (free) account. It’s very simple to set up and there is step-by-step help to start creating your own boards. There are even default boards you can choose until you get comfortable enough to start customising.

If you’d like to start by looking through my boards, you can find me here: http://pinterest.com/mkbsmum

Please have some fun with Pinterest. It’s amazingly simple and gives you so many great ideas. I wouldn’t be without my Pinterest account.

About Susan

Susan Miller

“I’m a proofreader and copywriter and my company is called All Words Matter. My background is marketing communications. I proofread and edit copy for business – whether it be the company’s website, leaflet, blog or press release. If it has words, I can help! I consider myself a “serial” volunteer….getting involved with local clubs and charities. Watch out for my regular blogs on The Best of Wrexham.”

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