We had a great month in December focusing on GoalSetting. Speakers at our events shared some great ideas for getting focused and setting some really SMART goals to set us up for success in 2014. But throughout this process I was still finding it difficult to be inspired so I had to do a bit of thinking and it came to me that the word ‘goal’ does nothing to inspire me. Maybe its having lived with a football fanatic for the last 8 years and having the association of a goal meaning having to sit through (often fall asleep too) match of the day every Saturday night!

So what would inspire me…….objectives? Projects? Milestones? And then bang it hit me MISSIONS!!! Instantly the mission impossible theme tune stated playing in my head and I pictured my self stealthily running through a deserted warehouse en route to a waiting helicopter to whisk me off to my next adventure and I felt inspired, inspired to take action NOW and to keep taking action until I had completed my mission or could do as much as was physically possible right now because that’s what you do when your on a mission right?

So there we have it, 2014 is going to be the year of missions for me. I’m setting 12 at the start of the year here’s some of them :

Mission 1 – Get my phone fixed (those of you that know me will understand that one) Deadline 30th Jan 2014

Mission 2 – Sort out my accounts and hire a bookkeeper/accountant Deadline 15th Jan 2014

Mission 3 – Weigh under 9stone 7lbs Deadline 30th March 2014

Mission 4 – Have speakers booked for ALL events in 2014 Deadline 30th April 2014

I have set up a page on Facebook called ‘Mission 2014’ so that I am accountable to those who are fans of the page.  If your feeling inspired then your mission should you choose to accept it is to like the page and even start your own missions which you can on the page as well so that you’re accountable to its followers and we can all share our progress and help each other along the way!

I’d love to find out some of your ‘missions’ for 2014 so please get in touch

See you soon


Michelle x

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