I’m forever telling the BizMums that they need to shout out about their successes and how important it is to celebrate achievements (even the little ones) so I guess I best practice what I preach!

Happy Birthday Izzy!

This is a very exciting week for me for 2 reasons. The first reason is that my baby girl turns 1 tomorrow, a very important milestone for any mother but even more so for me because if it wasn’t for my precious little bundle Izzy Boo my life would be very different now. I would still be working in a job that I didn’t enjoy with limited prospects and no sign of that changing any time soon but Izzy was the catalyst that changed that. When I became pregnant in September 2012 I made a decision, a decision that changed my life. Rather than settling for second best, complaining about the job I hated so much and living pay day to pay day I made a decision that I wanted more and to get more I needed to make a change, I needed to work for myself. I hadn’t figured out what but I knew my passion lay in coaching and training as that was the part of my job that I enjoyed so I decided that when I was on maternity leave I would set up a business and I wouldn’t be going back to that job. Read more about what happened next here

But to cut a long story short I worked hard to get things going So through the early months of my pregnancy, I networked I asked for help, I shared my BIG vision and I got the support I needed. By April 2013 I knew I was on to a winner so I started my maternity leave at the very first opportunity so I could work on my business during those final months. Izzy was born in July and I spent the next 9 months building my business and setting up another one too! By January 2014 I had a tough decision to make, my employers wanted to know when I was coming back so I took an extra 3 months unpaid to see how we would survive, survive we did and in March 2013 I was able to write the letter I’d been dreaming of writing all those months ago! I’d done it!

Young Entrepreuner of the year!

It’s now July 2014 22 months on from when I made that initial decision, both my businesses are going from strength to strength I have an amazing support network and the only way is up! This month I will be paying myself more than what I would of been earning in my old job! And that was my ultimate goal. To top it all off last night I was invited to the Young Britain Awards at Hadley park hotel In Telford. Young Britain was a venture that started in January 2013 providing business support, free websites and entrepreneurial mentoring to help create new start-ups for 18 – 30 year olds.  I went along for a meeting with a BizMum at the Enterprise hub in Feb 2013 and was introduced to Fay Easton. Fay was very interested in the BizMums concept and wanted to help he, I was 10 months to old to be involved in the scheme at the time but Fay recognised the opportunity that I had and my drive and determination and managed to bend the guidelines so I could be accepted. I was able to access a start up loan and become part of the high growth mastermind group that met once a month which really helped me to learn and develop. Young Britain was an 18 month project where over 100 young people were assisted in starting up a business. Last night 10 of those were chosen and presented with an award for their achievements and I was one of them!

I’ve not been an overnight success, I have worked hard over the past 22 months but if I can do it anyone can do it! When I set up my business Harrison my little boy was 4 and in part time nursery and I was working part time so I spent the first 6 months juggling that, I took maternity leave at the first opportunity but Harrison was still only in nursery 2 days a week, after 8 months of running my business Izzy was born now I am 6 months pregnant with a new baby due in October just before BizMums will celebrate it’s 2 year Anniversary! What a whirlwind 2 years!

BUT… For all the success I have had the ironic thing is that I’m not a actually doing what I set out to do, coaching and training and that is where my passion lies. I want to help mums stuck in a job they don’t enjoy or who are finding their business a struggle to get out of that rut. I’ve learnt soooo much over the past 18 months, lots to do (and lot’s not to do) and I want to share that with you.

I  completed my coaching and mentoring diploma in the autumn of 2012 so I’m a bit rusty so to help me get back into the flow I am offering 5  FREE scholarship places for 3 months coaching with me once those 5 spaces gave been filled there will be 5 more spaces for just £25 for the 3 month programme (big bargain) and a final 5 places at £50 (still a bargin) the course will include a 1 hr skype call with me every 2 weeks over 3 months.

These places will be allocated on a first come first served basis so to put yourself forward email me NOW michelle@brand9test1.co.uk with the subject line COACHING

See you soon

Michelle x

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